Woodeye Sortcut

Woodeye Sortcut features

Value-based optimization

Ideal for cladding, decking, interior panels and moldings

User-friendly for easy production planning

Efficient sorting

The Woodeye Sortcut is used in secondary refining processes for sorting lines.

Woodeye Sortcut can be used for a variety of woodworking activities and can be adapted to fit your specific operation. The system can incorporate the possibility to measure shape and moisture. Further functionalities for trimmer optimization and color sorting, among others, are also available, making The Woodeye Sortcut a crucial tool to a great many companies within the wood remanufacturing industry.

Defining the best use

When scanning, for instance, edge glued panels and multilayer panels the scanner optimization will suggest the optimal side of the lumber. The color and grain pattern detection are essential to ensure the quality and esthetic uniformity in the panel. When defects are detected the scanner makes the decision whether to sort the lumber as production quality or send to repair to increase value and grade in the finished product.

Quality control with profiled lumber

The software for moulding is designed for planed profile material such as panels and mouldings. The WoodEye SortCut can be installed after the moulder and work at high production speeds. The scanner monitors and controls the quality of the product, as well as ensuring the dimensions of tounges and grooves.
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