Woodeye Parquet

Woodeye Parquet features

⤫ Esthetic sorting and cut optimizing

⤫ State of the art resolution

⤫ Unmatched detection of esthetic qualities

⤫ Market leader in parquet scanning

⤫ Up to 6 lamellas per second


Esthetic detection at full speed

Parquet is one of the most advanced applications in the wood scanning industry as the esthetic requirements are often detailed and extra demanding. But with over 30 years of development, it’s no match for the Woodeye Parquet.

What really defines the Woodeye Parquet scanner is the ability to recognize defects in appearance. The system uses complex algorithms to recognize small esthetic deviations to enable sorting and grading of the material based on esthetic demands, at full production speed. Color and grain pattern detection along with thickness measuring are essential for quality control and consistency in flooring production.

Every year, over 33 million sqm are scanned by a Woodeye parquet in Europe.

Efficency meets consistency

The level of quality and consistency obtained with a parquet scanner can’t be compared to that of manual sorting. In manual sorting there is always risk of inconsistent quality assessment. A too negative assessment might result in loss of potential higher revenue, while a too positive assessment may result in customer complaints. The scanner will act with complete objectivity, guaranteeing absolute consistency at super-human high speed.

The difference is in the details

The sensors measure the dimension of the defects with a 0.2 mm precision. Numerous cameras and sensors are optimized to distinguish small variations in color and tone as well as degrees of darkness and shade. Thanks to our unique sensors, we can determine the fiber direction of the component by analyzing how the laser light scatters across the lumber.

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