CEO of MiCROTEC Linköping Leif Erlandsson enters well-deserved retirement


picture of old cso/new ceo

The current CSO Stefan Nilsson takes over as the new CEO


After 15 successful years at Innovativ Vision, Woodeye and now MiCROTEC Linköping, on 1st of June the CEO Leif Erlandsson will hand over to Stefan Nilsson. Leif Erlandsson has developed the company very successfully and was also responsible for the merger with the MiCROTEC group. “I am grateful for my time in this company and absolutely convinced that this company will continue to grow under Stefan Nilsson’s leadership. As the current Chief Sales Officer of MiCROTEC Linköping, he has a great understanding of our customers’ needs, the company, and the tasks ahead.” states Leif Erlandsson.

“I am looking forward to this opportunity. I also want to point out the excellent cooperation with Leif Erlandsson during our common time.” Furthermore, Stefan Nilsson explains that MiCROTEC is an exciting and successful company in a great position for further worldwide growth.


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