State of the art wood scanning

Flawless performance

In speeds up to 1200m per minute, the lumber is inspected on up to 6 sides as it passes through the scanner. Sensors and cameras specialized to detect various properties in the wood with absolute accuracy help create a complete image of the material and its qualities.

Based on each customer-specific criteria, the scanner uses this information to make decisions on cutting, grading and sorting and thereby produces a consistent and optimal result.


Impeccable detection

The WoodEye Scanners have a clear market advantage when it comes to detecting details. With immaculate precision and an edge in esthetic recognition, the scanner will detect the attributes and imperfections most important for each operation.

1. Pith
2. Cracks
3. Holes
4. Sapwood
5. Pitch pocket
6. Darkness
7. Color
8. Wane
9. Wormhole
10. Structure
11. Angled Cracks
12. Knots

Brilliant solutions for maximum results

In milliseconds, hundreds of factors are taken into consideration to make the cutting decisions, such as the geometry and placement in the final product. By accepting defects that won’t affect the final product, such as flaws that are milled away in the final shape or surfaces that are hidden, the scanner can make calculations to increase the yield significantly.

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