Joining the Microtec Group

WoodEye became a part of the Microtec group already in 2015. From May 2021 however, together with our sister company Finscan in Finland we are joining under the Microtec brand to work together as one large company.

The ever-growing Microtec family now employs more than 230 people at its sites in Bressanone and Venice, plus 45 in Linköping, and around 20 in Espoo. With the integration of the two new sites and the continuous growth, the number of employees will soon reach 300.

Over 30 years of innovation

We trace our origins back to a research project within image processing technology at Linköping University in Sweden in the 1970s. By supplying state-of-the-art scanning and optimizing systems, we increase profitability and competitiveness in the global wood industry and secure a sustainable use of the world’s wood resources.


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