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Software developer

Microtec is the biggest supplier of advanced, digital signal- and image processing systems for the wood industry. We are an international company group with offices in Italy, Sweden, Finland, Germany, USA and Canada.

Microtec Linköping AB in Sweden develops and provides scanners for wood processing. Our scanners analyze lumber and control wood processing equipment that makes e.g. parquet flooring elements, panels, furniture, building elements etc. based on product definitions and quality demands. Our target is to help the customer to maximize the product value and production line availability.

More than 30 % of our staff belongs to R&D and we develop a significant amount of the technology we use ourselves. This includes, for example, everything from camera sensor chips to final products, suitable to work in the wood industry for decades. The technical content is high and often at the absolute forefront of technology.

At Microtec we work in global teams to develop new products and functions. International contacts, teams and cooperation is therefore part of the daily work.

We have recently started a couple of larger development projects which will be conducted from our Linköping office and will be manned with resources from several countries. We are therefore searching several skilled programmers. We work agile with Azure DevOps and Git and most of the development is done in C++. We will use Angular for the front-end development. Since our products span many technology areas, the development is varied. It can involve image/signal processing, AI/machine learning, interfaces, databases, optimizers, test tools or fundamental software architecture.

Microtec has 40 years of experience in high-end software development in many areas, both in Linköping and globally within the group. You will cooperate with experts within the respective technology areas and get support and training for your personal development.

Developer: Signal and image processing

We are looking for a developer with interests in mathematics who is dedicated to the inner secrets of signal processing but at the same time can see the application and the context.


Full stack developer

As full stack developer you work with everything from software architecture and databases to graphical user interfaces.


Back-end developer

We are looking for a developer who will develop new functions as well as develop existing ones further. You will work in all technology areas, possibly except user interfaces. You develop mainly in C++, which you are devoted to, but may also write e.g. Python code.


Independent on which position you apply for, we believe you have a university degree, recent graduate or with a few years of experience. You have an ambition to develop further and see international cooperation as a plus. You are independent, but do not hesitate to ask for support and like cooperation in teams.



  • Experience in C/C++ programming
  • Analythincal skills and a natural talent for problem solving
  • Communicate freely in English



  • Experience with Angular or similar tools for UX and UI-design
  • Experience with an agile way of working using Azure DevOps
  • Knowledge in computer vision, digital image processing and/or AI
  • Experience with Python, ZeroMQ, Git and/or CONAN
  • Experience with databases, for instance SQLite
  • Experience with Visual Studio and Visual Code


What we offer

Our workplace is balanced with a good atmosphere. The work towards your goals will take place with confidence and flexibility that is out of the ordinary. We encourage engagement and creative ideas. You will work in a multi-national group with substantial expertise in both software development and wood science.

Within Microtec, you can pursue both a managerial career and a technical career as a specialist in some field. It is also possible to move between the different ladders if you so wish.

Our office in Linköping is not that big and has a family atmosphere. At the same time, there are great opportunities to develop through exchange and collaboration within the group.



You will primarily work from our office in Linköping, but the work may well involve travel to other offices in Italy, Finland and the USA. Working hours and workplace are flexible, although we want you to spend most of your working time at the office in Linköping.


Are you the right person for the job? Contact our CTO, Pär Kierkegaard (par.kierkegaard@microtec.eu, +46 70 549 20 13) or our software development officer, Patrik Ljungdahl (patrik.ljungdahl@microtec.eu, +46 70 918 81 41). Applications are welcome both in English and Swedish.


We look forward to your application!


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