The more you know, the better decisions you make. With full resolution wide scanning and smart 2D optimization technology, our Rip scanner can optimally improve your planning and increase your yield.

Full resolution

With several sensors and cameras placed side by side, the WoodEye Rip scanner inspects the lumber on both sides with the same resolution as the regular cross-cut scanner. This opens up opportunities for advanced cutting decisions with regard to the final product.

  • High resolution Rip scanning
    By using several cameras and sensors side by side, the Rip scanner inspects the lumber with the same resolution as a normal cross-cut scanner.
  • Widths up to 700mm
    The Rip scanner scans board from 75-700 mm wide, 4 – 90 mm thick and up to 6500 mm long.
  • All types of wood
    A few examples of wood species that are scanned by the WoodEye Rip today are pine, spruce, Oak, Maple, Ash and Beech.

Enhanced production with 2D

Our 2D optimization provides the opportunity to position the desired products on the board while considering the required quantities to be produced. To maximize the use of the lumber the system takes into account the obtained yield and value of the board.

Production planning from the start

Combining the high resolution in the WoodEye Rip and our unique 2D optimization software creates new possibilities for early optimizing towards the end product. Instead of final decisions being made at the cross-cutting stage, the end-product can be planned already at the ripping. The system can allocate the components on to the board based on the final use and shape of the products.
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