A new era for wood scanning solutions

Presenting our new generation of longitudinal scanners

As of May 3rd, the three scanner manufacturers Microtec, FinScan and WoodEye are joint under one brand: MiCROTEC. By combining the experience and know-how of these world-leading companies, we will be able to increase our market presence, provide even better product support and further add value to our customers’ productions.

Together, we now present a new range of longitudinal scanners, developed by a joint team in Italy and Sweden. Based on a common platform, our new scanners are the result of the best of the two worlds of the Goldeneye and the Woodeye.

“Together with our colleagues in Italy, we have worked hard during the past year to be able to launch a new range of scanners , which combines the best of the two worlds from Woodeye and Goldeneye. With the new common platform for longitudinal scanning we will take wood scanning solutions to a whole new level”, says Stefan Nilsson, CSO of Microtec Linköping.

Our range is defined by two product lines: the Microtec Goldeneye scanners for softwood applications and the Woodeye scanners for hardwood applications.

The result of a common vision


The new common platform and movement technology combines the strengths and experience of both development teams, offering better precision in detection at higher speeds, with optimal resolution and extended possibilities to optimize for different material sizes and applications.

Woodeye hardwood scanners

Woodeye Crosscut

Woodeye Sortcut

Woodye Parquet

Woodeye Rip

Goldeneye softwood scanners

Goldeneye 300

Goldeneye 500

Goldeneye 600

Goldeneye 700

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