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Our range is defined by two product lines: the Microtec Goldeneye scanners for softwood applications and the Woodeye scanners for hardwood applications.

Woodeye hardwood scanners

Woodeye Crosscut

Cut optimizing and component manufacturing applications for hardwood

Woodeye Sortcut

Grading and trimming optimization for hardwood remanufacturing applications

Woodeye Parquet

High speed esthetic detection for parquet and flooring applications

Woodeye Rip

Rip optimization for hardwood applications

Goldeneye softwood scanners

Goldeneye 300
Lumber and wood component applications

Goldeneye 500
High speed lumber and wood component applications

Goldeneye 600
Edging and rip optimization, panel and repair applications

Goldeneye 700
Certified strength grading and high speed lumber applications

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