Cross Cut

Cross Cut

Cutting applications offer great opportunities when it comes to optimization. With a scanner that optimizes your production and cutting decisions, the yield and product value can be significantly improved.

Unmatched detection

Each sensor and camera is specialized in detecting various properties in the lumber. Biological and geometrical deviations in boards are defined by type, size, and position. Rot, blue stains, and pith are detected, as are dimensional defects such as knotholes and wane. Properties like fiber direction and roughness are also detected by analyzing how the laser light is scattered across the surface.

  • Controlling the cutting
    As the lumber passes through it’s inspected and measured on up to four sides simultaneously. Based on this information, crosscut saws, trimmer saws, and sorting equipment are controlled, optimizing your production.
  • Endless possibilities
    With a wide variety of options, every scanner is customized to detect the characteristics important for each operation and application.
  • You are in charge
    Our intuitive user interface combined with training at the beginning of every new installation makes it possible to easily change and adapt your settings, qualities and products as you go.

Intelligent solutions

The scanner uses a combination of smart technologies to maximize the yield of your lumber. With the high resolution and precision in the image processing, cross-cuts can be positioned right at the edge of the defect to maximize the defect-free area. Even saving just a millimeter per defect makes a big difference in the total yield.

Optimal results

When inspecting the material, the scanner references to all the products that must be produced and calculates the optimal way to cut the material. The system considers the value of each individual product, as well as your quantity and distribution goals. These complex rules optimize the use of each board and enhances your production at the same time.

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