Strategic corporate functions are centralized, customer-relevant functions are further expanded locally

Since May 2022, all companies have been united under the MiCROTEC brand.

The company brands will continue to be managed as product brands in the joint product portfolio. MiCROTEC thus strengthens its competencies in the area of cross-process scanning and optimization solutions for the wood processing industry – from log to final product.

For the Linköping site in Sweden, the global “One Brand-One Product Portfolio” strategy means that the next step in the company’s positioning and organization is being taken. This step involves prioritizing and focusing on the domestic market. “As part of the MiCROTEC Academy, we have already launched a training program for our employees in Sweden to extend the knowledge and expertise within the complete product portfolio and will now intensify this further,” explains Stefan Nilsson, CEO of MiCROTEC Linköping. Key areas of the company, such as research and development, will be centralized at headquarters. Frank Jöst, CEO of MiCROTEC, concretizes: ” Innovation has been one of the central success factors of the brand since the foundation of MiCROTEC. Therefore, we want to strengthen this important area sustainably. Locally, we will dedicate ourselves even more intensively to customer needs. Our partner LOAB in Sweden will continue to operate together with us in the market area.”

CEO of MiCROTEC Linköping Leif Erlandsson enters well-deserved retirement

picture of old cso/new ceo

The current CSO Stefan Nilsson takes over as the new CEO


After 15 successful years at Innovativ Vision, Woodeye and now MiCROTEC Linköping, on 1st of June the CEO Leif Erlandsson will hand over to Stefan Nilsson. Leif Erlandsson has developed the company very successfully and was also responsible for the merger with the MiCROTEC group. “I am grateful for my time in this company and absolutely convinced that this company will continue to grow under Stefan Nilsson’s leadership. As the current Chief Sales Officer of MiCROTEC Linköping, he has a great understanding of our customers’ needs, the company, and the tasks ahead.” states Leif Erlandsson.

“I am looking forward to this opportunity. I also want to point out the excellent cooperation with Leif Erlandsson during our common time.” Furthermore, Stefan Nilsson explains that MiCROTEC is an exciting and successful company in a great position for further worldwide growth.


Microtec presents its new generation of longitudinal scanners

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On May 3rd, Microtec announced the official integration and inclusion of FinScan and WoodEye into the Microtec family. Following this news, Microtec presents now a new generation of longitudinal scanners for sawmill, remanufacturing and 2nd processing applications to the industry.

Meet the new range from Microtec

“Together with our colleagues in Italy, we have worked hard during the past year to be able to launch a new range of scanners , which combines the best of the two worlds from Woodeye and Goldeneye. With the new common platform for longitudinal scanning we will take wood scanning solutions to a whole new level”, says Stefan Nilsson, CSO of Microtec Linköping.

The range will thereby be defined by two product lines: the new Microtec Goldeneye scanners for softwood applications and the Woodeye scanners for hardwood applications. The scanners are based on a new common platform, developed by a joint team from Italy and Sweden.

The result of a common approach

The new common platform and movement technology combines the strengths and experience of both development teams, offering better precision in detection at higher speeds, with optimal resolution and extended possibilities to optimize for different material sizes and applications. It will also be delivered with a brand new control station that puts usability in focus and easily adapts to the comfort of the operator.

“We are also working on a common AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform that is integrated in the new product range. This AI solution represents the collaboration between all four Microtec companies in Italy, Finland, Sweden and the U.S.”, states Arianna Giudiceandrea, CSO of Microtec Headquarters in Bressanone.


MiCROTEC announces new branding strategy with FinScan and WoodEye

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Microtec, global leader of scanning and optimization solutions for the sawmilling and wood processing industry, today announced the official integration and inclusion of FinScan and WoodEye within the Microtec family.

From now on the two companies situated in Finland and Sweden will work under the common corporate brand of Microtec, reflecting the merge and enhanced cooperation between the companies. “All together, we will work towards a common goal: to be even stronger together for our customers and partners, to act globally while maintaining a local and regional presence”, states Frank Jöst, CEO of Microtec Headquarters in Bressanone/Brixen.

The new Microtec organization will consist of different competence centers and offices in 6 countries around the world: the headquarters in Bressanone and Venice in Italy; former FinScan now Microtec Espoo in Finland; Microtec Rosenheim in Germany; Microtec Linköping, former WoodEye in Sweden; Microtec office in Vancouver, Canada; and Lucidyne – a division of Microtec in Corvallis, USA.

Customers will have access to an extended product portfolio based on integrated scanning and optimization solutions through all the woodworking processes: from the logyard, to the sawmill, green – and dry mill, planermill and remanufacturing applications.

The aim of being one brand is to combine in all Microtec’s solutions the competences, key technologies and strengths of all these companies in one global company with strong product brands. Therefore, the product brands Finscan and Woodeye will be integrated under the corporate brand MiCROTEC.

The mission of Microtec is, as usual, to make the woodworking industries perform better and offer to all customers’ worldwide excellent service. The new company platform gives our customers competitive advantage in all sectors, merging all companies in one. As a result, Microtec is providing the customer with the best service possible on the market.

In the occasion of the ongoing new branding strategy, an exclusive video event was launched in order to inform all our customers and partners about this big news.

Leif Erlandsson – CEO Microtec Linköping (Sweden)

“We will combine competence and capacity from people to bring together a unique team to cover not only a great number of technical areas but also mixing technology with geography to provide the woodworking business with outstanding sales and service in order to build systems for the future.”

“The market and customer knowledge, the know-how, as well as the individual experiences combined with the cultural influences of the individual locations, should form the foundation for the MiCROTEC Group. This new corporate structure will enable us to apply our technologies, products, solutions and commitment even more strongly and specifically for the benefit of our customers in the future.”


Eurobois 2020

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